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Student nurses direct policy

Student nurses direct policy
The SNA chapter saw success at the national level again. Members are pictured in <br>Pittsburgh at a national convention.

Grand Valley’s Student Nurses Association again saw success at its national convention where delegates passed a resolution introduced by GVSU that promoted educating more children on the importance of healthy eating habits.

The national convention of SNA chapters was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in April with about 1,000 participants. Bethany Nies, former communications director for SNA, said the resolution was presented before delegates to debate. Although there were some dissenting comments, the resolution passed.

Nies said Grand Valley nursing students wanted to present the resolution because they saw the benefits to children who participate in CATCH, a program run by nursing students that targets children in underserved school districts and teaches them nutrition lessons and physical activity.

“I hope that because this resolution was accepted, other nursing schools across the country will also participate in a program such as CATCH,” said Nies, who graduated in April with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

At the 2011 SNA convention in Utah, the Grand Valley chapter successfully sought passage of a resolution to increase awareness of nursing students’ roles in advocating for the homeless through volunteering, hosting health fairs or helping with health screenings.

In Pittsburgh, the Grand Valley SNA also received a national award for most outstanding newsletter.

Nies said participating in SNA bolstered her resume. “I have already been offered a job at Spectrum Health’s Butterworth campus,” she said. “I was able to take my experiences from SNA and talk about them during the interview.”

by Michele Coffill

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