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Alumnus starts 'hot' new project

Alumnus starts 'hot' new project
Dominic Sorenson

A self-described chili-head and food entrepreneur, Dominic Sorenson likes it when things get hot in the kitchen.

His passion for spicy food, along with his desire to own and operate his own business has driven him to spend countless hours and significant amounts of money developing a new sweet and spicy condiment.

“It will change the way you think food is supposed to taste,” Sorenson said.  “It offers a way to enjoy some serious flavor without too much burn.”

Sorenson, ’05, said that his new creation – a relish-like condiment simply called ‘Everidae Sauce’ combines the heat and flavor of the very hot Habanero pepper with the rounding sweetness of carrots, onions and garlic to make an orange concoction palatable to those without tongues of steel.

When he isn't out talking to retailers and restaurant owners about carrying Everidae (pronounced Everyday) sauce, he can be found whipping up a fresh batch at Uptown Kitchen, a shared incubator kitchen located in Eastown where he produces the sauce from scratch.  

After nearly a year and a half, he has managed to reach full scale production and to place the new condiment on some local store shelves and make it available via an online retail site at

He says the Habanero and vegetable relish isn’t a hot sauce or a salsa – it’s an ‘alternative condiment’ that goes on anything from pasta to pizza and everything in between.

"It offers the wonderful flavor of a Habanero pepper without the painful burn that many people think of,” Sorenson said.

As he moved toward mass production, the product and bottling process had to be approved by the FDA before it could be marketed under the label of his company, Scoville Farms.

The name is a clever play on his affinity for heat – Scoville units are used to quantify the level of heat contained in a pepper.

“I’ve had a lifelong passion for spicy foods,” Sorenson said. “I’ve always had the desire to open a restaurant, and those two things combined with my food processing experience kind of lead me down the path of creating this product."

Sorenson said his degree from GVSU has been instrumental in pushing him down the road toward business ownership and has opened many doors for him along the way.

“It’s amazing how much impact it’s actually had. Having the technical knowledge from the degree from GVSU and the skill set from years working in kitchens paved the way to ownership. My passion for food lead me to local food production companies and the degree opened the door,” Sorenson said.

He hopes to develop a recognizable Michigan-based brand under the Scoville Farms label where he wants to produce premium pepper products, some hot, some not. He has plans to expand his offerings under the company label in the future.

For tips on ways to use Everidae Sauce, find the company, and Sorenson, on Facebook.

by Nate Hoekstra

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