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Physics prof wins top award

Kingshuk Majumdar

Kingshuk Majumdar was one of seven theoretical physicists from the U.S. chosen to receive the Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics (KITP) Scholar Award for 2010-12. 

The Kavli Institute is one of the top institutes for theoretical physicists and provides opportunities for researchers to attend annual conferences. Primarily for professors from undergraduate institutions, the award funds three trips to Santa Barbara, California, for a two-week program that allows scholars to attend conferences and share ideas with other professors in the field.

“KITP Scholar Award provides me with an excellent opportunity to interact with other theoretical physicists in my discipline (condensed matter physics) and bring back knowledge,” said Majumdar, assistant professor of physics. “It is very beneficial for the students because I am able to bring back new ideas for research and provide them with important contacts.”

After moving from India to the U.S. in 1993, Majumdar earned a doctorate in physics from the University of Florida. It was during his post-doctoral position at the University of Cincinnati that Majumdar began working with students through teaching and research. 

Since coming to Grand Valley in the fall of 2007, Majumdar has worked with three students on their senior projects through his research in frustrated magnetic spin systems. Majumdar plans to continue with this research in this active area of condensed matter physics.

“Grand Valley and the physics department have been very supportive of my research and my work with the students,” said Majumdar.

by Heather DeWitt

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