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Mentors guide student's career

Katie Blough

Grand Valley graduate student Katie Blough's career path proves the value of seeking good mentors.

Blough said she knew in the 11th grade that she wanted to work in communications. Her love of writing grew throughout her high school career;  with help from a teacher and mentor, Blough focused her future career on print and broadcasting.

While attending Hope College, Blough interned with several companies that allowed her to gain further experience in the communications field. The first of these was at Clark Retirement Community, where Blough worked in its nonprofit sector with events and resident communications. She then interned with Hope College’s Alumni and Parent Relations department writing for its newsletter.  

Blough then began an internship at Amway in the Corporate Communications department. Two years after the internship ended, Blough's mentor helped her secure a position with Amway in Corporate Communications.

As a Communication Specialist at Amway, Blough focuses mainly on writing, media pitching, and social media. Blough is the face behind the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Artistry, Amway’s beauty brand. Blough has also had the opportunity to attend the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas, where she was on scene blogging, tweeting, and conducting interviews as an on-ground reporter. 

Along with her busy schedule at Amway, Blough is currently working on a master's degree in communications at Grand Valley. 

“I feel earning a master’s degree is necessary in order to gain more knowledge as I grow in my career,” she said.

Having job shadowed some great people at Amway, Blough has become interested in writing on behalf of someone in the public eye.

“I have been fortunate enough to dip my hands in several different pots throughout my career,” said Blough. “I have shadowed many people, and been helped by mentors who have gotten me interested in my future goals.”

by Heather DeWitt

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