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Students present at conference

Students present at conference
Woods, left, and Cornwell

Travis Cornwell and Joseph Woods presented a paper and short film about industrial security firms at the McMaster World Conference in Ontario. The two students spent the summer of 2008 working on the project with Star Swift, an associate professor in the Seidman College of Business.

Cornwell and Woods were the only students invited to present at the global conference. They presented their paper, “What Every Business Should Know about Industrial Security Firms,” along with a DVD which illustrated the paper. As a result, the paper was selected for inclusion in a special issue of the International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics.

Cornwell, a business and management major, said he was a little nervous during the presentation. “It was a little intimidating to speak in front of industry professionals and academic scholars,” said Cornwell. “But, the director of the conference spoke to us afterward and said he was impressed with our research. He called our DVD an innovative learning tool.”

Cornwell was responsible for conducting the legal research for the project. He said it was tough getting acquainted with laws pertaining to privacy rights and protections in the workplace.

Woods, an economics and management major, was the catalyst for the paper and DVD. His father owns an industrial security firm and Woods showed an interest in the legality of various security devices. “I was responsible for the practical research for the project,” said Woods. “I was able to get detailed information for the paper by interviewing my dad.”

Woods said they wanted to stay away from a traditional PowerPoint when putting together the DVD so used a dry erase board to illustrate the information. “It was a great way to illustrate complicated, technical information and still be attention grabbing,” he said.

Swift said: “I feel very fortunate to have worked with Travis and Joe. Industrial security is a growing field because of the ever increasing level of data theft globally. Consequently, the film and paper were well received at the World Congress. However, the best part of the whole experience for me was seeing the proud faces of the students’ families as they watched Joe and Travis give their presentations.”

by Dottie Barnes

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