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Internship leads to job

Internship leads to job
Stephanie Zizzo

During her years at Grand Valley, Stephanie Zizzo traversed nearly every corner of campus — all in the name of safety.

An occupational safety and health management major, Zizzo completed an internship with Facilities Services that sent her on safety inspections on "nearly every level of every building on campus," she said.

"I once was up in the Cook Carillon Tower with my head really close to one of the bells, hoping it wouldn't go off," said Zizzo.

A week before Zizzo graduated in April she was hired by Summit Training Source in Grand Rapids, which supplies environmental, health, and safety training programs to companies and organizations. Zizzo had interned for Summit in early spring and now serves as its environmental health and safety specialist.

Her role, which includes marketing and research for Summit's training videos and curriculums, is a bit different from jobs other OSH graduates will find.

"Most entry-level jobs are more oriented to safety managers in a large plant. This is more people-oriented, which I like," Zizzo said.

Zizzo, who grew up near Chicago, started at Grand Valley as a premed major but switched programs after learning about OSH. "I never knew it even existed. But when I learned I would still be helping people and how practical the degree is, I was hooked," she said.

Zizzo said her classes were very practical and applicable to future careers. "What we learned, for example, in an ergonomics class would transfer easily to the workforce," she said.

by Michele Coffill

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