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Geography students present papers

Geography students present papers

Six Geography and Planning majors presented their capstone research papers at the annual meeting of the Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, held at Wayne State  University. Students were offered assistantships in graduate programs and one student was encouraged to submit his paper for publication.

“Presenting a scholarly paper at a professional conference is one of the best things an undergraduate student can do for their academic and professional development,” said Roy Cole, professor of Geography and Planning. “It is the best example of active learning I can think of. Such students will find it easier to get into graduate school or to find employment — even in today’s tough economic times — because both graduate schools and employers look for such self-directed, goal-oriented, achievers."

Enzo Crescentini presented his paper, “Mapping the Diffusion Process of Islam in the United States of America, 1920-2008.” Crescentini was invited to submit his paper to two journals.

Ian Fox presented his paper, “The Extent of Land Use Change in the Benton Harbor/Sodus Area, 1978-2005.” Fox was invited to submit his paper to The Geographical Bulletin.

Nick Langeland presented his paper, “Freedom and Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Greg Lowman presented his paper, “Improving the Classification of Plant Functional Types using Evidential Reasoning on Remotely-Sensed Imagery of Lower Michigan.”

Elizabeth McMurray presented her paper, “Urban Redevelopment and Migration in the City.” McMurray was invited to submit her paper to The Geographical Bulletin.

Nathan Mort presented his paper, “Oil prices and Amtrak Ridership, 2002-2008.”

From left: Ian Fox, Greg Lowman, Elizabeth McMurray, Enzo Crescentini, Nick Langeland, Nathan Mort, and Roy Cole

by Dottie Barnes

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