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Student wins geology award

Esther Posner

Grand Valley geology student Esther Posner’s artistic approach to her field helped her give an award-winning presentation at the Geological Society of America North Central meeting in Evansville, Ind. 

Posner won the Best Student Presentation Award, along with a $250 prize.  Using her  knack for poetry, she recited a poem she wrote and memorized titled “Tectonic Petrameter.”  The poem was on the geological history of the Earth and featured a slideshow to illustrate the process.    

“The use of rhyme and rhythm presents a different approach to teaching Earth history which makes learning fun and hilarious while clearly describing important concepts in geology and events in Earth history,” she said.

Posner is the author of an anthropological novel, a few books of poetry, a musician, and a composer.  She combines her passion for geology with her love for music and poetry for self-expression.

Aside from studying geology at Grand Valley, Posner works for MS3 as a geology tutoring facilitator and is the president of the geology club.  She is also a teacher's assistant for Earth history classes. 

“I am now in a field that I love and I am looking forward to becoming an excellent geologist and mystery solver,” she said. “During my time as a geology student, I have achieved some major conceptual breakthroughs that have changed the person I am and the way I view the world.”           

Posner will graduate in December 2009.  She hopes to earn a research internship with NASA or the Lunar and Planetary Institute as well as a Ph.D. in Petrology with an applied focus in Planetary Geology.  

by Leah Burns

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