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Get involved with NAFSA: Assocation of International Educations (for job directory, conferences, and general info about international education.)There you can search for Job Postings. Sign up for Secuss-1 by going to
Choose "Shortcut for NAFSAns" in the drop-down box on the right.

Then choose "Secussa"

Then choose "Secussa's Listserv" and follow the directions (it's important to read all the information - there are Secuss-l "police" who make sure you're using the listserv correctly!)

  • Tell your study abroad director or adviser that you're interested in working in the field (study abroad is a very well-connected field; many advisers know other study abroad people all across the country and are familiar with many other study abroad offices, organizations and programs).
  • If you're not already familiar with Peterson's Guide (or, Academic Year Abroad (published by IIE),, or, you should check them out to get a handle on how many different study abroad programs and organizations exist.

And finally, remember:

There are a gazillion universities/colleges/community colleges in this country, all offering study abroad, as well as innumerable "third-party providers" to consider in your job search. If you have the right background and skills set, and are flexible about where you work, with some research and networking, chances are good that you'll find a position in one of them.

Other Resources 

Alliance's International Exchange Locator is a comprehensive directory of nongovernmental organizations, federal agencies, and Congressional committees engaged in international exchange. If you have global ambitions, the International Exchange Locator is your ideal resource. Whether you re looking to participate in an international exchange program (academic, professional, volunteer, or otherwise), searching for an internationally focused job, expanding your international organizational partnerships, or navigating the world of U.S. Congressional and federal exchange activity, the Locator's got you covered. 

Resources listed in the Locator include: 
Profiles and contact information for hundreds of U.S.-based and international organizations engaged in international exchange programs and services;

A broad-ranging list of exchange programs offered throughout 30+ U.S. federal agencies, departments, and bureaus;

Contact information for 50+ Fulbright Binational Educational Foundations and Commissions around the world;

Bureaucratic structure and contact information for the U.S. Department of State s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, other State Department branches, the U.S. Administration for International Development (USAID), and U.S. Department of Homeland Security offices involved in the administration of international exchange programs;

Listing of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate committees with oversight over exchange programs, and a breakdown of the specific subcommittees with jurisdiction over exchange programs.

For more information or to purchase the International Exchange Locator, visit the

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