Additional Teach Abroad Resources

Teach abroad gives you the opportunity to develop your teaching skills in a global classroom while also serving international communities in need. This can be an extremely satisfying experience that we hope will benefit you in your future career in education.

There are many options out there for teaching abroad - both for qualified teachers and those without certification. Please take some time to explore your different options to find the program that best suits your needs.

GVSU currently offers one faculty-led program for student teachers to South Africa. For information, please click here. This is a 6 week program during the Winter Semester. Students complete their required coursework and the first 10 weeks of their teaching assisting in a West Michigan school before student teaching abroad.

We suggest you visit the University of Michigan's website for teach abroad information and program options. Again, there are options for both qualified teachers and those without certification.

Additionally, Teach Abroad is a great place to begin exploring your program options. 



Page last modified February 20, 2013