Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: First Step Meeting

The Study Abroad First Step Meeting is an informational session that goes over all the basics of Study Abroad, including How to Choose a Program, Financial Planning, Academic Planning  and more. 

First Step Meeting Schedule

  • Monday: 12 - 1pm (142 North C)
  • Wednesday: 5-6pm (130 Lake Ontario Hall)
  • Thursday: 5-6pm (040 Mary Idema Pew Library)

If you are not able to attend one, we have an on-line module.


Step 2: Browse Programs

  • Before you start looking for programs, there are a few basics you need to know; including Program Types and Application Deadlines.

  • Think about what you would like to accomplish while studying abroad using the How to Choose a Program page. Also, learn more about the country you're interested in using CultureGrams.

  • The GVSU Program Search Engine will help you find a GVSU program that fits your needs. If you do not find what you're looking for within GVSU Programs, we encourage you to look for a Non-GVSU Program

  • Remember, while participating in a Non-GVSU Program, you'll maintain your GVSU student status, earn credits toward your GVSU degree and have access to your GVSU Financial Aid package.

  • To find a program that fits you best, use the Program Comparison Chart to help you visualize the pros and cons of each program. 

  • If you are interested in studying abroad in a country that is on the U.S. Travel Warning List, there is an additional appeal process. Please check out PIC's Travel Waning Policy for more information. 


Step 3: Research Scholarship Opportunities 

  • Attend a Funding 101 Workshop. (Date varies, please check the Study Abroad Events Calendar.)

  • View a preliminary list of scholarships for Study Abroad.

  • Be sure to check the list of automatic grants for GVSU Partnerships.

  • For more nationally competitive scholarship information, contact the Office of Fellowships.

  • Remember, you can use your Financial Aid package to help cover your Study Abroad cost.


Step 4: Meet with an Adviser

  • For any questions regarding Study Abroad Programs, meet with a Study Abroad Adviser.

  • Wondering if a certain program will fit your academic need? Talk to your Academic Adviser, look on your myPath for courses you still need to fulfill, and check out our Academic Planning web page.

  • If you have questions regarding Financial Aid, Nick Bromley would be the perfect person to talk to. In the e-mail, be sure to include your G-number, program name, program duration and estimated cost. 


Step 5: Select a Program and Apply!

No matter which type of program you've chosen, it is required for all students to apply through OASIS first. This is necessary for you to maintain your GVSU student status, earn credits toward your GVSU degree and have access to your GVSU Financial Aid package.

Watch this video for details on how to apply through OASIS! 

Applying to Study Abroad: OASIS from Study Abroad on Vimeo.


Step 6: What's Next?

Based on the program type you have chosen, we recommend referencing the following checklist:




Page last modified February 28, 2014