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  1. Australia: Sydney - ISA Internship

    The Pacific » Australia » Internship Sydney, Australia- Sydney is a vibrant metropolis with an abundance of internship opportunities in a wide variety of fields of study. Although it is Australias largest city, encompassing over 4 million people, Sydney is easily accessible with its many forms of public transportation and has something for everyone. The country has contributed to the international science and research fields through fascinating discoveries, high quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration.

  2. Chile: ISA Internship

    Latin America » Chile » Internship Santiago, Chile- Chiles allure can be attributed to many factors, not limited to incredible topography, a rich literary and cultural heritage, and the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. Throughout the country, there are natural treasures from the city parks in Santiago to the beaches, ski resorts, vineyards, deserts, to the stunning mountains of Patagonia.

  3. China: Summer School

    Asia » China » Internship SHANGHAI, CHINA: With more than 1.3 billion inhabitants and the world's second largest economy, China demands attention. This dynamic country boasts an ancient civilization spanning millennia, yet leads the world in cutting-edge developments. China's most populous city, Shanghai, radiates ineffable elegance, cosmopolitan sophistication, and obsession with the new. Links:  Watch Video

  4. Czech Republic: EUSA Internship

    Europe » Czech Republic » Internship Prague, Czech Republic - Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city with a uniquely preserved historical center that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, and economically, 5th best-performing European regions.

  5. France: EUSA Internship

    Europe » France » Internship PARIS, FRANCE offers unparalleled opportunities if you are seeking a professional internship in a French-speaking workplace. Links:  Partnership Information

  6. Ireland: EUSA Internship

    Europe » Ireland » Internship DUBLIN, IRELAND is the capital city and modern center of education, arts, administration, economy and industry in Ireland. With half its population under 30, it is young, outward looking, and vibrant, while its smaller size creates great advantages for newcomers. Links:  Partnership Information

  7. Japan: Japanese Center for Michigan Universities

    Asia » Japan » Internship The Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU) study abroad program is a product of the strong sister-state relationship between the State of Michigan and Shiga Prefecture. Links:  Course Equivalency Guide

  8. Japan: Japanese Theater & Language (2019)

    Asia » Japan » Internship Tokyo, and Osaka , Japan  This unique program provides students at multiple language levels the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. The trip begins with three weeks in Tokyo, the nation's capital and cosmopolitan center, continuing with three weeks in Osaka, Japan's second largest city and center of the historically and culturally important Kansai region.

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