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Tell me about this program

Open to: All majors

China is home to one fifth of the world’s population, and has the world’s oldest uninterrupted culture.  It’s breathtaking landscape, ancient history, vibrant culture, and rich traditions make it an ideal place to study.  China is transforming economically and technologically in incredible ways that will impact the future of our global society.

East China Normal University (ECNU) is located in Shanghai and is considered a leading University in China for higher education.  The University is situated on the outskirts of the city near a metro station.  Students have easy access into the city center and will also enjoy a very scenic campus environment, known to many as the "Garden University."  ECNU hosts numerous international students each year and welcomes exchange students from GVSU into the Global Curriculum Program.

The Global Curriculum Program offers courses taught in English which focus on Chinese studies.  The program will provide students with a solid foundation on Chinese culture through academic and immersion experiences,.  The program offers courses in Chinese language to complement the content courses focused on Chinese studies..  The program is 15 weeks in duration.   This program is ideal for students interested in Chinese studies, business, and those wanting to earn general education credit through study abroad. 

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Partnership Information

When can I go?

Summer 2018:                            See China Summer School Faculty-led Program

Fall 2018:                                    September - December (15 weeks)

Academic Year 2018-19:           September - June 

Winter 2019:                               February - June  (15 weeks)

Where will I live?

Students will live in international student halls of residence.  The residence halls are conveniently located on-campus.  Students can choose from single or shared accommodations.  There are some rooms available that have a private bathroom, although, this may be subject to availability.

Who is eligible to participate?

2.5 GPA required. Students must be degree seeking and have attended at least one semester at GVSU. This program is available for undergraduate studies only.

How do I apply?

To apply for this program, log on to to begin your online application.


Winter 2018:                             September 10, 2017

Summer 2018:                          February 1, 2018

Fall 2018:                                  February 1, 2018

Academic Year 2018-19:         February 1, 2018

What credits will I receive?

ECNU offers courses in many subjects including: Chinese culture, economics, international business, marketing, and philosophy.

Students participating in a partnership program will either register for courses that have been pre-approved or will go through a Course Approval Process.

For a full list of course options:

Program details can be found here

Summer: See China Summer School Faculty-Led Program

How much does the program cost?

Total Projected Cost: $11,996  $13,968 (per semester)

Additional Program Cost Information

Detailed Estimated Budget

Financial Aid

Students typically pay for study abroad through a combination of financial aid, personal funds, scholarships/grants and alternative loans. Early application for financial aid is strongly recommended.

To contact the Financial Aid office, email with Study Abroad in the Subject line. Include your G Number and Total Projected Cost of the program in the e-mail. 

Financial Aid


STUDY ABROAD SEMESTER GRANT: The average study abroad semester grant award is $500 per semester. Students who complete an online study abroad application by the designated priority deadline, have a 2.5 GPA and a FAFSA on file, may be eligible for a study abroad grant ranging from $500-$1,750/semester.  Due to limited funding, not all eligible students will receive a grant.

PARTNERSHIP GRANT:  The Padnos International Center will be providing (2) $500 Partnership grants for students spending a semester or year at this partner.  If more than two applicants apply for this program, decisions on awards will be made based on the strength of a students application and financial need.  Students may be eligible for more than $500, but two applicants will receive a minimum of $500 in grant assistance.  Decisions on awards will be made following the deadline for applications.

SEIDMAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS SCHOLARSHIP: offers a study abroad scholarship for SCB majors who wish to participate in a qualified study abroad or international internship program.  Awards are based on program costs and financial need.  Apply online using GVSU MyScholarships:

Fred A. Bell Business Scholarship: This scholarship provides financial support and recognition to business students who study in a foreign country. The scholarship is available to undergraduate and graduate business majors, including minors. With support from this scholarship, students can prepare for a global workplace, and position themselves for success in a world that is more diverse, complex, and interdependent. APPLY NOW

Visit for additional information on grants and scholarships. 

Who can tell me more?

Padnos International Center
130 Lake Ontario Hall

Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm
Hours extended on Wednesday until 7pm during Fall and Winter Semesters

East China Normal University website:

All program information including courses, duration of program, dates, and other logistics are subject to change. Programs may be cancelled due to extenuating circumstances.