Other Non-GVSU Options

In order to enable students to visit destinations and/or participate in programs that the Padnos International Center does not currently offer, students are able to study via non-GVSU programs as well. You may do so while still maintaining your status as a GVSU student, using your financial aid package to finance your study abroad, and pre-approving the courses that you wish to take abroad. 

The following are two great search engines for locating a great variety of non-GVSU study abroad options (as well as work, intern, and volunteer programs.) 



This is a comprehensive on-line directory for study abroad programs, language schools, internships, international volunteer positions, international teaching positions, universities, eco-travel and a whole lot more.


Go Overseas

This is another directory that allows you to search for study abroad, internships abroad, teach aborad and volunteering abroad. You can sort by country and region when looking. 


IIE Passport

This is a study abroad search engine. It enables users to search by country or subject of study as well as language of instruction.


Page last modified September 10, 2013