LGBT Internships

Below are listings of international LGBT internship opportunities in Dublin, Sydney, Paris and London made available through Global Experiences. Since 2001, Global Experiences has become the world’s leading provider of customized international internships. Their program fee includes customized internship placement and a “bundle” of related services including a 24/7 “safety net” program coordinator and accommodations. Medical insurance, visa assistance, on-ground support and excursions are also included. Students can visit their website at  or call 1-877-GE-ABROAD.

Dublin - LGBT Rights/Community Support

Since 1994, this non-profit has been the primary resource and community center for the LGBT community in Dublin. Services include the community’s use of their cafe, meeting rooms and information & referral services. Interns have had dynamic and flexible roles. Tasks include assistance with research, fund-raising, working with peer support groups and providing administrative assistance. REQUIREMENTS: Minimum rising junior standing, 3.0 GPA, interest or coursework in NGO’s/non-profits. A demonstrated commitment to LGBT rights is also required.

London - LGBT Rights/Event Planning

This well known organization deals with London’s celebration of Pride Day. It is run entirely by volunteers from very diverse backgrounds. It offers opportunities for those interested in event management, creative programming and campaigning activities in ramping up for the biggest Pride Event ever in London on July 7, 2012. There will also be writing, research and PR opportunities for those interested in raising awareness and campaigning for the decriminalization of homosexuality. Internships duties can vary greatly depending on interest and expertise. REQUIREMENTS: Rising Junior, 3.0 GPA, skills in one of the above areas.

London - LGBT Rights/Police Watchdog/Community Support

This organization is on the front lines…literally! They make sure that LGBT issues are always on the agenda of London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). They also provide transparency of the police service as their advisors and have access to most areas of the MPS. Interns can expect to assist in all aspects of the organization’s operations including advice on LGBT-related issues to the MPS, helping to formulate the organization’s own agenda and assisting with critical incidents. REQUIREMENTS: 2.9 GPA and a strong commitment to LGBT issues. Criminal Justice and Communications majors are encouraged to apply.


Paris - Event Planning/Marketing - LGBT Community Center

An event planning and marketing intern is needed for a non-profit organization that acts as a community center and social service for the LGBT community. The organization also owns a café that features musical acts and LGBT workshops. REQUIREMENTS: 3.0 GPA, rising junior status and a demonstrated commitment to LGBT issues. Those with backgrounds in marketing/event planning should apply. Intermediate French is also required.


Paris - Fashion Business/Merchandising

A high end fashion company catering to gay men is looking for a fashion savvy intern to obtain a firsthand look at the workings of a Parisian boutique. Fashion students looking to obtain diverse work experiences in marketing, merchandising and buying are encouraged to apply. REQUIREMENTS: 3.0 GPA, rising junior status and fashion courses or work experiences are required.


Sydney - LGBT Issues & Lifestyle - Journalism/PR/Social Media

This organization is the parent company of several magazines and online services targeting queer girls and gay men. Their consumers are inner-city professionals who are socially active, expressive, aware and vibrant. To that end, this company is seeking talented writers to help generate magazine and online content. REQUIREMENTS: 3.2 GPA in Journalism, Public Relations or Internet Marketing. This internship is highly competitive.


Sydney - LGBTQ Issues & Lifestyle - Journalism/PR/Social Media

This fun group works with pride celebrations for Mardi Gras and other festive times of the year. They do this by providing the opportunity for LGBTQ groups to use the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and other events as a statement of pride. Those with concert production experience, social media skills, IT abilities and fundraising experience are encouraged to apply. REQUIREMENTS: 3.0 GPA, rising junior status and skill sets in one (or more) of the above areas.


If you're interested in these internship opportunities, please contact a Padnos International Center adviser to identify the correct application process. 

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