American Ambassador Program

Program Description:

The focus of the student-led American Ambassador program is to create partnerships between domestic students and international students studying at Grand Valley. The ambassadors provide a support network for incoming international students, should they need assistance or want someone to talk to. It is a wonderful opportunity for students on both sides to come together and promote cross-cultural growth.
Mentor Position Description:
The only formal commitment to the American Ambassador Program is to be a tour guide during the international students’ downtown orientation session. This will require approximately 5 hours of commitment.
In addition, ambassadors are encouraged to connect with the international students during the tour in hopes of forming friendships that can continue beyond orientation. Ambassadors can help international students become acclimated to the Grand Valley and local communities, as well as encourage them to attend various events throughout campus and beyond. By exchanging phone numbers or connecting via Facebook, ambassadors and international students may find it easier to stay in touch with one another.
Ambassador Responsibilities & Requirements:
Attend the Grand Rapids tour afternoon during International Student Orientation planned by the Padnos International Center for mid-August (typically the week before classes begin)
Fill out the online application
Retain full-time standing
Have Sophomore standing or higher
Participation Benefits:
By participating as an American Ambassador, not only are you welcoming the international community to Grand Valley, but you are also gaining and refining a number of tangible skills including:
Growth of cross-cultural skills
Increase skills in communication, leadership, and time management
Meet new people
Satisfaction of meeting and helping international students acclimate themselves to
Grand Valley and the local community
Promote international student involvement in the U.S. experience
Gain valuable volunteer experience
Application Process:
Complete the Grand Valley American Ambassador Program Application
Deadline to submit application:
o August 12 for fall semester
o December 17 for winter semester
All applications will be reviewed and ambassador applicants will be contacted*
*Returning applicants will automatically be reaccepted back into the Ambassador Program provided they complete and submit the application by the given deadline.

Please contact Troy Vankoevering, Padnos International Center at 616-331-3898 or for additional information regarding the American Ambassador Program.


Page last modified November 15, 2012