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Common Hungarian Cuisine

  • Goulash
  • Porkolt
  • Tokany
  • Somloi Galuska
  • Dobos Torta

Prominent Hungary Figures

Harry Houdini Iconic magician and escape artist whose most difficult stunt entailed escaping from handcuffs that took a locksmith 5 years to build.

Franz Liszt was a 19th century composer, virtuoso pianist, and Franciscan. He is well known for his Hungarian Rhapsody.

Eugene Ormandy was a Hungarian composer and violinist. He was the conductor for the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, and the Philadelphia Orchestra for a long period of time. He also appeared as a guest conductor for orchestras like the London Symphony Orchestra. 


Janos Ader is a Hungarian lawyer who is the current president of Hungary.

Viktor Orban has been the Prime Minister since 2010 (a post he also held from 1998-2002.)   


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