How to Book Your Flight

The PIC does not endorse any specific airfare provider, however, the following are popular search engines:


Step 1: Research plane tickets through different airfare providers

STA Travel (Your airfare is guaranteed with a $300 non-refundable deposit!)

*STA Travel also offers discount airfares for holders of the ISIC cards

Student Universe







Step 2: Wait until you have received official acceptance from OASIS and your host institution/program sponsor.

You will be contacted by your program provider/host university once you are accepted by them. It is important to understand that being accepted in OASIS does not mean you have received official acceptance into your program.


Step 3: Buy ticket!

Once you have received your final approval from Grand Valley and your program provider/host university, review the following tips:

6 Tips for Purchasing Airplane Tickets

  1. Sooner the Better - The sooner that you purchase your ticket, the better!

  2. Wait for Acceptance - We know that it may be frustrating to wait for each step, but you should not purchase your ticket until you are accepted to BOTH your provider or partner university

  3. Check Luggage Costs - Most airlines will let you check 2 suitcases with no charge on an international flight but this number varies and sometimes costs can be as much as $150 or more for extra items. So check with the airline provider you will be flying with for updated information.

  4. Consider Where and How Long Your Layovers Are - Flights vary with the numbers of length of layovers. If you are comfortable with longer layovers or with layovers in different countries flights may be cheaper.

  5. Reserve the Best Seat - If you have seating preferences, it is best to make the request when you buy your ticket. The earlier you make your request, the more likely you will get a seat that accommodates your interest.

  6. Check restrictions on change fee - If you're unsure of the date you want to return due to your interest in travelling at the end of your program, we recommend you look at the airline policy to change your date of return. Change fees can range from $100-$300.

  7.  If you have special dietary needs - You will have to reserve a special meal well in advance. Contact your airline provider for details on requesting a special meal.


Tips on Airfare for Travel While Abroad

European Flight Pass
Europe By Air

Europe Train Fare

Easy Jet
Air Berlin
Smart Wings


Generation Fly


Tips for Getting Through the Airport Faster

The Abroad Guide

Prepare for your first international flight

Go Overseas



Booking a flight for NonGVSU students


NonGVSU students should work with their faculty directors to determine the appropriate airport you should arrive at and on what date. It is your responsibility to book your own flight to the destination given by your faculty director.  Your program starts the moment you arrive on-site, which means GVSU is not liable for you until you reach the specified destination at the specified date and time. 



Page last modified March 3, 2014