GVSU Partnership Study Programs with Internship Component

These are internships that GVSU Partnership institutions allow students to participate in alongside their studies abroad. Students may have the option to participate in internship programs at one of Grand Valley's many partnership and affiliate universities. These internships often are major-dependent and sometimes require specific language skills. Moreover, they require students to spend at least one semester at the partnership university and are highly competitive.


Macquarie University, Australia

Macquarie University offers international students the opportunity to do internships along with their studies. These internships range from three to six credits. Work visas are not required for the internships. Please consult the webpage of Macquarie University for further details.


Japan Center for Michigan Universities (JCMU), Japan

The Japan Center for Michigan Studies offers an internship opportunity for students studying Environmental Studies. Part of the one semester program is a internship course labeled ESJ Internship (4 credits) that places students in laboratories of the School of Environmental Science. Internship opportunities, as listed on the website, include "Ecosystem Studies," "Environmental Planning," "Biological Resources Management," "Socio-Environmental Systems" and "Design and Architecture." No prior knowledge of Japanese is required. Japanese will be taught in a preceding course teaching the basics of the Japanese Language. Please consult the JCMU webpage for further information.


Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), Germany

Students who spent the winter semester at DHBW in Mosbach/ Bad Mergentheim may add on an internship. The duration of this internship opportunity is for 3 months during the summer. The internship option is part of the “Junior program” that is offered for exchange students at DHBW. Please consult the DHBW webpage for further information. 


Page last modified December 7, 2012