Global Leadership Organization


As a GVSU student who has participated in a study abroad, we encourage you to join GVSU Global Leadership Organization (GLO). 

Who we are: GLO is a GVSU student organization. Our members are international students, past study abroad participants and anyone interested in global topics.

What we do: GLO aims to get GVSU students involved in the international community, both locally and globally. 

Members are involved in several projects including:

  • International Mentor Program
  • International Education Week
  • Fundraising for global causes
  • PIC blog writer
  • Community outreach at local schools 
  • Many other social and professional events

Join GLO: Click Here to join GLO and receive updates on meetings & events!  

To learn more about GLO and how you can get involved, contact Alissa Lane at or 616-331-3898

Follow us: GLO Facebook


Page last modified February 19, 2014