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Common Cuisine

  • Sausage, Bacon, Onion & Potato hot pot (“Dublin Coddle”)

  • Corned Beef & Cabbage

  • Soda Bread

  • Irish Colcannon

  • Steak & Guinness Pie

  • Lamb Stew

  • Green Beer

  • Shepherd’s Pie

  • Guinness Cake


Who's Who?

Oscar Wilde was an Irish writer and poet. He was one of London’s most famous playwrights during the 1890s.

Pierce Brosnan is an Irish actor, film producer, and environmentalist. He is well known for his role as the lead actor in the James Bond movies.

Paul David Hewson also known as “Bono” is an Irish singer from Dublin. He is also a musician, a business man, and an activist. He is best known for being the main vocalist for the band “U2.”


Enda Kenny has been the Taoiseach (head of government or prime minster) of Ireland since 2011. One must be appointed by the president to hold this position.    

Michael D. Higgins is the 9th and current president of Ireland. Higgins is a politician, sociologist, poet, author and broadcaster. 


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