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Common Cuisine

  • Palatschinken
  • Vanillerostbraten
  • Sachertorte
  • Wurstsemmel


  • George Ezra
  • Makemakes
  • Revolverheld
  • Bakermat

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Television and Films

  • Vier Frauen und ein Todesfall
  • Der wilde Gärtner
  • Kommissar Rex
  • Das weisse Band
  • Little Alien
  • Der Knochenmann

Recommended Readings

  • The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek, Joachim Neugroschel (translator)
  • The Man Without Qualities by  Robert Musil, Burton Pike (Translator), Sophie Wilkins
  • Extinction by Thomas Bernhard, David McLintock(Translator)
  • Sleepwalkers by Hermann Broch, Edwin Muir (Translator), Willa Muir (Translator)

Who's Who?

Wolfgang Johannes Puck is an Austrian-born American celebrity chef, restaurateur, and occasional actor. Wolfgang Puck restaurants, catering services, cookbooks and licensed products are run by Wolfgang Puck Companies, with three divisions

Johann "Hans" Krankl is a retired Austrian football player who played for SK Rapid Wien and the Austrian national team. He is regarded as one of the best Austrian footballers in history.

Christoph Waltz is an Austrian-German actor. Internationally, he is best known for his works with American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. He received acclaim for his supporting roles as SS-Standartenführer Hans Landa in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds and bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz in Tarantino's Django Unchained . For each performance, Waltz won an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, and a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Additionally, he received the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his portrayal of Landa.


Alexander Van der Bellen is the President of Austria. He is a politician and economist  by profession and has also been the 12th and current President of Austria since 26 January 2017.

Kurt Josef Waldheim was an Austrian diplomat and politician. Waldheim was the fourth Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1972 to 1981, and the ninth President of Austria, from 1986 to 1992. While he was running for President in Austria in 1985, his service as an intelligence officer in the Wehrmacht during World War II raised international controversy.

Prince Klemens Wenzel von Metternich was a politician and statesman of Rhenish extraction and one of the most important diplomats of his era, serving as the Foreign Minister of the Austrian Empire from 1809 until the liberal revolutions of 1848 forced his resignation. One of his first tasks was to engineer a détente with France that included the marriage of Napoleon to the Austrian Arch-Duchess Marie Louise. Soon after, however, he engineered Austria's entry into the War of the Sixth Coalition on the Allied side, signed the Treaty of Fontainebleau that sent Napoleon into exile and led the Austrian delegation at the Congress of Vienna which divided post-Napoleonic Europe between the major powers. In recognition of his service to the Austrian Empire he was raised to the title of Prince in October 1813. Under his guidance, the "Metternich system" of international congresses continued for another decade as Austria aligned herself with Russia and, to a lesser extent, Prussia. This marked the high point of Austria's diplomatic importance, and thereafter Metternich slowly slipped back into the periphery of international diplomacy. At home, Metternich also held the post of Chancellor of State from 1821 until 1848, under both Francis I and his son Ferdinand I. After a brief period of exile in London, Brighton and Brussels that lasted until 1851, he returned once more to the Viennese court, this time to offer only advice to Ferdinand's successor, Franz Josef. Having outlived his generation of politicians, Metternich died at the age of 86 in 1859.

Cultural Activities

  • Visit Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna
  • View baroque castles at the Historic Center of Vienna
  • Take a cable car ride up Untersberg in Salzburg

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