Credit Approval Process

Step-by-Step Guide

This packet should be used by students participating in study abroad programs where credit will be transferred back to GVSU from a host institution (for example: exchange programs, affiliate programs and Non-GVSU programs). Do not use this form for faculty-led or other arrangements where credit is awarded by GVSU.


Flow Chart

This explains the Step-by-Step Guide in a flow chart form, making it easier for students to understand the Credit Approval Process.


Academic Advisor (recommended, not required)

Meeting with your academic advisor prior to studying abroad will help you make more informed decisions about what courses to take while you are studying at the host institution. An academic advisor may be able to point out additional considerations that are specific to your major, minor, or General Education requirements.The Academic Planning Form is not a course approval form and should not be used to approve study abroad courses. The Departmental Course Approval Form should be used for all course approvals. This form is for planning purposes only and is recommended, but not mandatory. PIC does not need a copy of the Academic Planning Form.


Department Approval Form (required for all students)

This form should be used for securing departmental approval for the courses you want to take abroad and may help you determine the degree requirements you will fulfill upon successful completion of the courses listed below. Attach a separate sheet if additional space is needed.
Students should fill in shaded areas ONLY.


Chair for each Academic Department

This link would direct you to a list of departmental Chairs. You will need to contact them to get courses approved.


Academic Policies

This explains IS 380 registration, transfer policies and grading.



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