Calling Home


Staying connected with your loved ones is very important when you are abroad. They will want to hear from you and you will want to keep in touch with them.

There are several inexpensive and convenient ways to maintain contact with friends and family while you're overseas. Click on the items under the Before Departure-Calling Home tab on the left to view several easy ways to stay connected

What is Skype?

Skype is an Internet service that allows you to talk to people around the world at low cost or free of charge. With Skype you can have Internet conversations free-of-charge with other Skype users with a reception as good as a telephonic one. You can also call landlines or mobile telephones at a very low rate by purchasing Skype credit.

What do I need to get Skype?
• A computer with Internet access
• A microphone

How do I get Skype?
Simply go this website and download the program for free.

How do I Create an Account?
Once you have downloaded and installed the program a skype icon will appear on your desktop. Click on it and a window will pop up giving you the option to create an account by clicking Don't Have a Skype name? Fill in the correct information and your account will be all set.

Adding Contacts
To add contacts click on the icon at the superior left corner that says add contact. Type in the name of the Skype user that you are trying to look up and add him or her.

Placing a Call
To call someone on your contact list, double click on the contact's name or click once on the contact's name and then click the green button on the bottom of the screen.

To call a landline or a mobile telephone, look for the tab with the telephone icon that reads dial and type + country code and telephone number.

Example +523515120708

To call the United States and Canada, type + area code and number.
After you type in the phone number simply press the green button to place the call.

Receiving a Call
You will hear your Skype screen ringing when someone is trying to call you. To pick up the call press the green button. To end any call press the red button.

Calling Card
International calling cards are an inexpensive and practical way to call home or for your loved ones to reach you when you are abroad.

Generally, calling cards can be purchased at newspaper stands and gas stations but perhaps the most convenient way to find them is by conducting an online search. You will be able to compare rates and see how much it will cost to call from one country to another.

Listed below are some examples of websites where you can get a phone card. You can also conduct an Internet search typing the words international calling card to find other options.


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