Academic Planning: Faculty-led


The information below is for students participating in GVSU faculty-led study abroad programs.
NonGVSU students who wish to participate on a GVSU Faculty-led program, please follow these steps: click here

Step 1: Register for GVSU Courses

After you are accepted to the faculty-led study abroad program, and have received permission from the academic department, you should register for the designated courses.  Log on to myBanner, and select the appropriate semester, course(s), and corresponding faculty-led director. 

If you have any questions regarding registering for courses, please contact your faculty-led study abroad program director.


Step 2: Fulfill General Education Credits (Optional)

Courses taken abroad can be used to fulfill General Education requirements including Issues, Foundations & Cultures and Supplemental Writing Skills.


Faculty-led Academic Policies

You will need to register for your program’s course(s) before you depart. Make sure you have completed any necessary credit approvals before your program begins. 

Whether you're taking courses to fulfill theme, major, minor, or general requirements, make sure you know ahead of time how these courses will help you work toward your degree. If you have any questions, contact your academic advisor.


Course Registration

GVSU Faculty-Led program courses require a permit to register for the class offered abroad. Once you have been accepted to the program and the course becomes available online, your faculty director will give you access to the course via web registration on myBanner.



GVSU Faculty-Led courses are taken for a grade because they are assessed by a GVSU professor (Although, your faculty director may not be your only instructor). Understanding the specific nature of your program will help you determine the way in which you will be assessed and who will be assessing your work.


Student Evaluations

You will be expected to evaluate the instructor and program after your stay. The link to the evaluation will be sent to you via e-mail. Additionally, PIC will email you a program evaluation, which assesses all aspects of the study abroad program beyond the courses. Just like regular course evaluations, these documents are all confidential.



Page last modified March 3, 2014