University Committees
Faculty-led committees are essential to Grand Valley's progress. To ensure that professional academic standards guide the university`s development, numerous committees compose policies and review plans. While each college has its own internal governance structure, the University Committees serve the entire university and report to University Academic Senate via the Executive Committee of the Senate. 
There are three different types of University Committees:
  1. University Standing Committees
  2. University Governance Committees
  3. Administrative University Committees
The complete list of University Committees can be found in the faculty handbook.
As the sole student governing body at Grand Valley, Student Senate is in charge of appointing Student Representatives to seats reserved for students on University Committees. To explore the committees on which students sit, please use the drop down menu. If you are interested in sitting on a University Committee, please select “Get Involved” to learn more.

Page last modified December 15, 2013