Congratulations to the Newly Elected Student Senate 2017-2018

Carly Aller

Ian Arnold

Jakob Bigard

Jonathan Bowman

Patrick Borum

Brian Branham

Leah Bristol

My'Kel Brown-Thomas

Joe Cadreau

Kevin Chui

Patrick Cox

Parmida Davarmanesh

Carter Engler

Amber Gerrits

River Gibbs

Stacey Gross

Kelly Hancox

Darwin Harris

Matthew Higgins

Rachel Ibarra

Rachel Jenkin

Alia Johnson

Cameron Jones

Olivia Kolc

Morgan Mattler

Holly Neva

Rachel Reynolds

Maddie Rhoades

Benjamin Rifkin

Rebecca Rogers

Ethan Schafer

Christian Schroeder

Hannah Scott

Nyia Slade

Emma Sluiter

Rielly Smith

Eric-John Szczepaniak

Phillip Todd

Nicholas Toth

Faith Ureel

Monica Van Til

Carly Wormmeester

Dan Ziegenfelder

Greg Ziegenfelder

Thanks to everyone that participated in this year's election and who voted! Be sure to check out our website for more updates! 

For more detailed results with all candidates that ran please click here.


*Note: Only candidates that submitted a packet are shown as well as if a candidate received over 75 write-in votes.

Page last modified February 16, 2018