Public Relations Committee

Statement of Purpose:

The Public Relations Committee shall act as a liaison between the Student Senate and the student body by informing the Student Senate of public opinions and concerns of the student body and also by informing the student body of Student Senate activities. The PRC is also responsible for ensuring an accurate image of the Student Senate and works towards establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with the student body through spoken, written, and visual tactics.


Committee Members:

Emma Moulton - Vice President

Craig Harris

Jes Hamlin

Kenzie O'Neil

Michelle Nelson

Jose Rodriguez

Jeffrey Sorenson


Committee Meetings:

The Public Relations Committee meets every Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. in room 135 of the Mary Idema Pew Library.


Contact Info:

Contact Emma Moulton at if you have any concerns.

Page last modified February 21, 2014