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If you could describe Student Senate in one word what would it be? We decided to ask this to our Senators of the 2015/2016 Senate. These were their answers, what will be yours?

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What is Student Senate?

As the official student government, Grand Valley State University's Student Senate works to ensure that the voice of the students is continually heard by the University.

The Student Senate is comprised of 50 students who each serve on one of seven different committees. These seven committees work to enhance student life, academics, and the overall student experience at Grand Valley. Click through the navigation at the top of the page to learn more about each committee.

Join us at General Assembly!

General Assembly meetings of the Senate occur every Thursday of the fall and winter semesters at 4:30pm. Most are held in the Pere Marquette room of the Kirkhof Center on the Allendale Campus. Check here for a detailed schedule and more information.


Nominate an individual for Student Senate!

If you think you know a student who would be a good individual for Student Senate, please fill out this form! 

Connect with us on social media! @GVStudentSenate

GVNow News

Students celebrate founders of Grand Valley

Students celebrate founders of Grand Valley

October 26, 2016

The campus community celebrated the founding of Grand Valley October 25.

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Upcoming Events

Battle of the Valleys

Challenge GV

Student Senate

Gear up for another grand year as we get ready to take on the Cardinals of SVSU for the annual Battle of the Valleys charity competition. Stay tuned for more updates about this year's events and remember Anchor Up, Cardinals Down.

With many different issues regarding culture clash and racial tensions going on through the world, we want to help find what is the best way to help GVSU overcome these problems on a local level at this upcoming Challenge GV. Register by clicking HERE.

Not a Senator? Not a problem! Feel free to explore our site to see what other ways you can be involved with Student Senate! Also, be sure to join us every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in Pere Marquette (Kirkhof 2204) for our General Assembly meetings! Public comment is appreciated and encouraged at our weekly General Assembly meetings.

Voting Polls

Thin Blue Line

Listening Post

Student Senate will be driving students to Allendale voting polls Nov. 8 all day long! Meet at Kirkhof. Contact for more information.

The plan for the event is a panel discussion with police representation from local agencies, professors and students on what they are doing to combat the extreme militarization of the police officers. It is very difficult to make systematic scale change until we have began to change in our own communities, and the Senate believes that allowing all parties to discuss how they are doing so OR brainstorming ways that we can do so is a great first step. We also believe that it provides transparency, allowing students, especially those of color, who continually voice concerns of their difficulties with police, a chance to hear what can be expected from those sworn to protect and serve them. The event is currently planned for Oct. 20th at 7 p.m. on the Allendale campus and we are hoping for an hour to an hour and a half of discussion.

Student Senate wants to know, how does your identity shape your campus experience? Come find us tabling on the dates listed above to let us know!