Getting Involved With Student Senate

Thank you for your interest in the Grand Valley State University Student Senate. There are many ways that you can become involved with YOUR Student Senate.

Speak your Mind

The Senate welcomes students to come to meetings and address the Senate. We have 3 times for public comment throughout the meeting: once at the beginning of meeting (at 4:30pm if the meeting is in Allendale or 5:15pm if the meeting is on the downtown campus), once at 6:00pm, and there is one at the end of every meeting. You can come and say whatever you would like to Senate..


The Senate sponsors many events, such as Presidents Ball, the University Leadership Round Table, and the Battle of the Valleys charity competition and we are always looking for volunteers to assist in their planning and execution.

Sit On A Committee

The Senate makes appointments to many University Standing Committees. These committees focus on a number of topics ranging from academic to campus issues to positions on the University Judiciary Board. If you are interested in any of these possibilities, please call the Student Senate office at (616) 331-2333 or email

Become A Senator

You can also become a Student Senator and represent your campus and fellow students. In order to be considered for a Senate position, you must first fill out and return the "Student Senate Application" packet below. The Student Senate Office is located in 0040 Kirkhof and the phone number is (616) 331-2333. After turning in this application, you will be contacted by the Student Resources Committee to set up an interview.
For the Student Senate Application, click here.

Run For Election

At the end of every Winter semester the Student Senate holds General Elections for Student Senator seats for the upcoming year. Any student or graduate student can run for election into the Student Senate. Individuals interested must stop by the Student Senate Office and pick up an election packet once they are made available (usually around the end of February). Inside the election packet is an information sheet and signature sheet where applicants must get 75 student signatures in order to be placed on the ballot. The elections are held online and last for 7 days. The first 44 individuals with the most votes are elected into the position of Student Senator for the next academic year.