Faith-Based Council

Interfaith Council Information

What is the Interfaith Council?
The Interfaith Council is a grouping of registered student organizations that serve to enhance a student's spiritual life while providing fellowship & outreach opportunities. 

Is my group a member of this Council?
All groups classified "Interfaith" in the OrgSync listing ( are members of this Council.

When do we meet?
The Interfaith Council & Funding Board schedule is online in the OrgSync calendar.  Click on the calendar link & then search "Interfaith" to find the information.

Can my organization access funding?
For the 2014-15 academic year, $6,000 was allocated to this Funding Board by Student Senate for appropriation to Interfaith student organizations.  If your event costs more than this allocated amount, it will be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee to be heard.  Funding guidelines & processes are outlined on this site.

Who is our Council Advisor & Senator?
That information is also available on this site.

Page last modified February 16, 2016