Cultural Programming Council

The Cultural Programming Council unites all of the Cultural Organizations recognized at Grand Valley State University. The council serves as a place to come together to discuss the cultural climate on campus, co-sponsorship opportunities and serves as home to the Cultural Funding Board for member organizations.

The Student Organization Review Board (SORB) determines the Classifications of the Student Organizations, in consulting with the Student Organization. SORB defines Cultural Organizations in the following manner:

"Cultural organizations educate the campus community about
non-dominant cultures in order to enhance students' worldviews. They also provide students with an avenue to explore and celebrate their own cultural heritage and provide programs and services designed to support students of various cultural heritages at the University." - Student Organization Handbook

The Cultural Programming Board is composed of the following organizations, which are recognized as Cultural Organizations by SORB:


  • African Student Council (ASC)

  • Arab Culture Club (ACC)

  • Asian Student Union (ASU)

  • Black Student Union (BSU)

  • Desi Student Union (DSU)

  • Dutch Student Organization (DSO)

  • Global Leadership Organization (GLO)

  • International Cultural Exchange (ICE)

  • International Student Organization (ISO)

  • Japanese Cultural Association (JCA)

  • Kpop Group Evolution (K-GE)

  • Latino Student Union (LSU)

  • La Tertulia/Spanish Club (LAT)

  • Native American Student Association (NASA)

  • Out ‘N’ About (ONA)


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