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SOC All-Stars Outline

What is it?
SOC All-Stars is a program that recognizes each student organization for their utilization of the SOC and its services. Each organization will receive credit for SOC utilization and participation in OSL events.

“Recognition…putting the spotlight on our star organizations!”

How do you get credit?
All organizations will be evaluated on the following:



S.O.C. All Star Program



*Must renew organization by September 24, 2012 deadline

*Have updated officer and organization information online

*Must be in good standing with the University

*Participate in the following:

            -RSO Orientation (Max it Out)

            -Advisor Orientation

            -Campus Life Night


Organizations meeting 90% of the goals are 3-star, 75% are 2-star, and 65% are level 1-star:

·         Host a Laker Weekend Event

·         Participate in Homecoming

·         Nominate a member for the Immediate Impact Award

·         Participated in a Venderbush Leadership Lecture

·         Volunteered at one of the following activities: MADD, COW, and Sibs and Kids

·         Nominated for Recognition

·         Cosponsored an activity with an off campus organization

·         Cosponsored an activity with an on campus department


Other ways to earn credit:

*Using the Creation Station and signing in under your organization

*Mailbox is cleaned out by the last Friday of every month

*Attend “Recognition Days” and sign in under your organization

* Follow us on Twitter/Facebook and watch out for extra points give-aways in the SOC!!

*Attend SOC Workshop Series Events found HERE.



Recipients will receive:

·         Recognized at the Student Life Awards

·         1-Star Recipients: TBD

·         2-Star Recipients: TBD

·         3-Star Recipients: TBD





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