Service & Advocacy Council

Presentation to the Funding Board

Your organization will be contacted via Orgsync to present your funding request to the Funding Board.

In preparing for your presentation, the organization representative should come prepared to answer the following:

  • Introduction (Your name, your organization’s name, your position, how long you have been involved in the organization)
  • Brief introduction of group
  • Mission of your organization
  • What your organization does (type of events, etc)
  • Number of active members
  • Fundraisers done in past and amount raised

Presentations will last five minutes and can be done at both a funding board meeting and if necessary at the Service and Advocacy Council meeting.  If a longer amount of time is needed for a presentation, the presenter may ask the chair of the meeting for extended time. 

After the presentation has ended, there will be up to 10 minutes for question and answer followed by a vote.

Next Step:  If your request is approved, review "After Your Request is Approved."

Page last modified August 9, 2013