Service & Advocacy Council

Council Policies and Procedures

Name and Purpose
Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the Service and Advocacy Council (S&A Council) of Grand Valley State University and shall hereafter be referred to as such.

Section 2.  The Purpose of Service & Advocacy Council shall be:
A. To serve as the unifying body of all GVSU recognized Service & Advocacy Organizations;
B. To unify the service & advocacy community of Grand Valley State University through improving communication, promoting cooperation, increasing understanding, and strengthening support among the member organizations;
C. To serve as a vehicle for communication with the University administration, campus community, and general public regarding issues or common interest or concern;
D. To fund and provide a variety of programming to promote the betterment of the entire campus community.

Section 1. To be eligible for voting membership in the Service and Advocacy Council, an organization must be recognized by the Student Organization Review Board (SORB) as Service or Advocacy based.

Section 2. Organizations not recognized as Service or Advocacy based may participate but will be non-voting members.

Section 3. Membership will not be restricted due to age, color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex/gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight.

Section 4. The Assistant Director of Student Life or a representative appointed by Student Life shall serve as the Service and Advocacy Council Advisor (Chair).  All minutes will be recorded and posted on the Service and Advocacy Council website.

General Assembly
Section 1.  The purpose of General Assembly shall be to continue communication between all member organizations and councils and to vote on funding of various petitioned programs (as outlined in the Finance Policy). Service and Advocacy Council shall also serve to assist member organizations in areas of unity, programming, service, and public relations.

Section 2. The Service and Advocacy Council shall meet the first full month during the academic year.  From then on, the Service and Advocacy Council shall meet at least once a month.  The Service and Advocacy Council Advisor reserves the right to call an emergency meeting provided that it is announced to all member organizations at least 48 hours in advance.

Section 3.  If any member organization is not represented at more than one General Assembly meetings, unless they have been previously excused by the Service and Advocacy Council Advisor, will lose their voting rights and potential funding privileges (as outlined in the Finance Policy) for the remainder of the semester, or a time limit decided upon by the Service and Advocacy Funding Board.

Section 4. Each student may only represent one service or advocacy organization at the council meeting.  Funding Board Members may represent their organization when attending Council meetings.

Section 5. A representative of from each organization must be in attendance for the duration of the meeting or the organization will be marked as absent, previously excused by the Service and Advocacy Council Advisor at least 24 hours in advance.

Section 6.  Quorum for General Assembly shall be defined as fifty percent plus one of the voting member

Section 1. Each member organization shall have one vote.

Section 2.  Students are prohibited to represent and cast votes for more than one organization.

Section 3. A majority vote, that is, a majority of the votes cast, ignoring blanks and abstentions, is sufficient for the adoption of any motion that in order.

Participation with the Community Service Learning Center
Section 1. Service and Advocacy Organizations must report their service and advocacy hours to the Community Service Learning Center Coordinator at the end of the fall and winter semesters (Refer to CLSC website for specific due dates and forms).  Organizations who fail to submit hours will be ineligible to neither submit funding requests nor access any prior approved funds for the following semester. 

Section 2. Service and Advocacy Organizations are highly encouraged to participate by sponsoring and co-sponsoring programs and events during Grand Valley State University’s Service and Advocacy Week.

Section 3.Organizations are highly encouraged to utilize the “Event Submission Form” for the CSLC to communicate information about their events.  The CSLC will post events on the CSLC website.  A change for the 2010-2011 year is that the CSLC website calendar will not link to the main GVSU Campus Calendar (you must submit a separate request through the campus calendar).

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