Service & Advocacy Council

Before Submitting a Funding Request

Please review this important information before submitting a funding request.
When to Submit Your Request
Your organization must be in GOOD STANDING with the Council. Check with the Council advisor if you are not certain that your group is in good standing.

Requests must be submitted at least FOUR WEEKS prior to the day of the event that needs funding to ensure adequate time for processing. Requests larger than 10% of the annual budget are encouraged to submit earlier, as the Service and Advocacy Council must vote to approve the funds at the monthly meetings.

Submit requests by Thursdays at 5pm to be considered on the agenda for the meeting on the following Monday. This ensures adequate time for the Advisor and Senate Liaison to review the requests to make sure they are complete for review by the Funding Board. 
Selecting & Scheduling Your Date
For major programs, be sure to plan far in advance and work with the Council Advisor in the OSL to ensure that the event does not conflict with other major campus programs.
Reserving Space & Facilities
For programs with specific dates, before submitting a request, you must reserve a location on campus.  Visit the Events Services page for more information.
Refer to the RSO Handbook for more information.

What is Funded & What is Not
Review the S & A Council's Additional Funding Guidelines and Finance at a Glance for guidelines about what items you may request money for. For example, t-shirts and other clothing items are not eligible for funding.

Research prices for all requested items and provide detailed information about cost and quantity for each item desired. Round cents up to the nearest dollar. The more information the funding board has to review the better.
On Orgsync you will need to use a line item for each separate item you desire funding for (including a description of the expense, cost, and quantity. In the explanation field, provide an detailed explanation for what you intend to use the money on. If you are not able to submit all of this information in the field, it may be helpful to submit a word document to the Funding Board Chair with additional information.

Explore your on and off campus options to determine if funding is actually needed for each item- such as:


Copies- remember your other options other than the Copy Center: SOC (80 sheets per month/ per organization) and on-campus computer labs


SOC’s Decoration Depot: Check with the SOC for an inventory list of the party and themes supplies they currently have. Items that the SOC’s Decoration Depot has in stock will not be funded. 


You should obtain a quote for any contracted work (such as a band, speaker, etc). A contract is not needed when submitting your request and note that students are NOT authorized to sign any contracts. You are not required to have a hard copy of the quote for your presentation to the Funding Board, but it is encouraged.

Promoting Your Event

Refer to the resources in the RSO Handbook.
We encourage organizations to consider making their event LIB 100 approved

Co-sponsored programs are highly encouraged; use Co-Sponsorship Agreement Form.

The SOC will hang up any 11 x 17 flyers in a frame if you provide them. 

Other Tips & Points of Information

Requests cannot be made for expenses that have already been incurred.

Although no “base” budgets are provided, organizations can still request money for items typically found on base budgets but must be specific (quantity, cost, purpose, etc).

Save all of your information into a word document in the case that the online form does not get submitted correctly!

You will NOT be able to edit your request once submitting.

Officers and advisors will get notification that a form has been submitted


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