Service & Advocacy Council

After your Event Occurs

Please read this entire checklist and complete the steps that are applicable to your organization.

REUSABLE SUPPLIES: If you purchased any supplies that are reusable (such as decorations), your organization is required to turn them into the SOC for the Decoration Depot. Your organization may not keep or store any of these items in your SOC storage space, as they are university property.

DECORATION DEPOT: If you used any supplies from the SOC’s Decoration Depot, you must turn them in on your scheduled date.

EVENT ASSESSMENT FORM: After the funded event is over, an event assessment form must be filled out within two weeks. Failure to fill out event assessments may impact future funding or events. Failure to submit an event assessment will result in the organization being ineligible for continued funding.

REIMBURSEMENTS: All reimbursements must be submitted to Office of Student Life (re: Melissa Baker-Boosamra) within two weeks of the funded event. For questions regarding reimbursement process or questions about filling out the forms, contact the Office of Student Life front desk by calling 331-2345, emailing slosm@gvsu.edu, or stopping by 1110 Kirkhof Center. Event assessment forms must be filled out in order to receive any reimbursements.

Page last modified February 9, 2015