Service & Advocacy Council

What is the Service and Advocacy Council?
Each registered student organization (RSO) is assigned to a Student Organization Council based on its Student Organization Review Board (SORB) classification. All RSOs in the Service and Advocacy category belong to the Service and Advocacy Council. The Council meets monthly to share information and discuss co-programming opportunities. An organization may send multiple representatives, however a minimum of one student from each organization must attend and attendance will be taken. Each member organization will receive one vote on Council business.

 The purpose of Service & Advocacy Council is to:

  • To serve as the unifying body of all GVSU recognized Service & Advocacy Organizations;
  • To unify the service & advocacy community of Grand Valley State University through improving communication, promoting cooperation, increasing understanding, and strengthening support among the member organizations;
  • To serve as a vehicle for communication with the University administration, campus community, and general public regarding issues or common interest or concern;
  • To fund and provide a variety of programming to promote the betterment of the entire campus community. 

What are the benefits of attending Service & Advocacy Council meetings?

  • Opportunities for collaboration amongst organizations and with campus departments
  • Free Advertising for your organization's events through the CSLC website, and posting board within the CSLC
  • Student referrals and promotion of your group through the CSLC
  • Access to information about resources that can help grow your organization
  • Support and guidance from campus administrators from the Community Service Learning Center and the Office of Student Life

The Council appoints a Funding Board composed of seven students to grant funds to member organizations for campus activities on a program-by-program basis. The Funding Board is lead by a Student Senate Liaison from the Finance Committee.  The Funding Board meetings are held separately from the Council meetings and attendance is only required for organizations request funds who have been placed on the agenda.  For more information about the funding process, visit the funding board web page.


Page last modified August 9, 2013