Ruby Red Slipper Hunt Clues

To view the photos of the found slippers, please visit the GVSU Student Life Facebook page here!


· FOUND! I am a brand new place, with lots of space, but stick to the 1st and 2nd floor to find me.

· FOUND! Theres no place like home& Especially once youve graduated.

· FOUND! Even Dorothy has to work on her fitness, she especially likes to stretch

· FOUND! Who pays your tuition? Maybe you could buy them some new clothes?

· FOUND! The sport where LOVE is all you need

· FOUND! This is the next best thing to a palm tree, lets be thankful for Brian Kelly.

· FOUND! I felt really bad for Dorothy when she got apples thrown at her&.

· FOUND! Need a quick snack while youre running to class, you might want to stop in kirkhof

· FOUND! This area is kind of a place for aliens, not to be confused with flying monkeys


· FOUND! Perhaps a nursing student could help the Tin Man get a heart? Take a walk through the poppies first.

· FOUND! Once the scare crow gets a brain, maybe he can get a job!