Check back for 2015 Event Schedule

Event Schedule from 2014 Below

Monday 10/6

1960s Day

Regent Reveal and Serenades, Grand River Room (Kirkhof), 9pm

Tuesday 10/7

1970s Day

Athletic Event, Kelly Family Sports Center (West 1/3 End), 9pm

Wednesday 10/8

1980s Day

Blue and White Trivia Bowl, Pere Marquette Room (Kirkhof), 9pm

Thursday 10/9

1990s Day

A Comedy Show with Shawn and Marlon Wayans, Fieldhouse Arena, 8pm

Presented by Spotlight Productions

Friday 10/10

2000s Day

LipSync Contest, Fieldhouse Arena, 9pm

Saturday 10/11

GVSU (Blue and White) Day

Laker Football vs. Wayne State University, Lubbers Stadium, 7pm

Weeklong Events

Laker Photo Hunt

Canned Food Drive

T-Shirt Swap (Presented by Student Senate)

Events may be cancelled or altered at the discretion of the Office of Student Life and the advertised schedule is subject to change without notice. Check back often for the latest updates.