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Registered Student Organizations have the privilege to utilize campus space for meetings and events.  A variety of spaces (both indoor and outdoor) are available.  Reservations are required for any student organization meeting or event.

Refer to the Kirkhof Center Meeting and Event Use Policies (below) before making your reservation.

No matter where you want to hold your campus event, first consult with Event Services (331-2350, Kirkhof Center 110) to discuss your needs, look for available locations on specific dates, and get their help to complete the proper request forms.

Reservable Campus Locations include:

  • Kirkhof Center
  • Cook DeWitt Center
  • Alumni House
  • Fieldhouse/Arena
  • Academic Buildings
  • Downtown Campus
  • Outdoor Space


Kirkhof Center Meetings and Events

A. Rental Regulations and Restrictions

  1. All scheduling of available meeting spaces in the Kirkhof Center, Cook DeWitt Center and outdoor spaces takes place at Event Services located at 110 Kirkhof Center inside the Office of Student Life and Event Services.
  2. The Kirkhof Center serves as a non-academic facility. Reservations for classes are not permitted except for classes that take place in Room 94 the Communications Studio.
  3. The use of University facilities, property, or service by students is reserved for registered student organizations.
  4. Registered GVSU student organizations will not be charged a room rental fee when the event is approved by Event Services.
  5. University sponsored events will not be charged a room rental fee.
  6. A function which is reserved by a University department for non-university group is not considered a university sponsored event unless it meets the following three criteria:
    1. All bills must be paid to the GVSU Accounting Office by the sponsoring university department through an institutional account number.
    2. The campus department reserving a meeting room must be a university faculty or staff member with account signature authority.
    3. The event must be accessible and open to the entire campus community.
  7. Off campus groups not sponsored by Grand Valley State University requesting space in the Kirkhof Center will be required to pay room rent. Current room rental rates are available at Event Services. Additional costs will be charged for special lighting, food service, technical and media services, campus police, and excessive clean up. 
  8. Non university groups may be required to pay all or a portion of estimated costs of their reserved event in advance.
  9. University facilities are not public in the sense that the utilization of facilities by off-campus groups must be on a rental basis and approved in conjunction with appropriate University policies.
  10. In the event of foul weather which results in the closing of campus, all events scheduled will be cancelled in accordance with other university policies.
  11. All requests for media services (microphones, data projectors, overhead projector, etc.) must be made through Event Services. 
  12. Customers will be billed for any damages to or custodial charges for excessive clean up of Kirkhof Center. Reservation privileges will be suspended until payment has been rendered.
  13. The Event Services staff must approve items put on the walls of the Kirkhof Center.
  14. Only blue masking tape is approved for hanging materials on the walls of conference rooms.
  15. Due to allergies associated with latex balloons, student organizations are encouraged to use Mylar balloons for events within the Kirkhof Center.
  16. All requests for food service must be made through Classic Fare Catering located at 55 Kirkhof Center and at the phone number (616) 331-3342.


B. Priorities in the Use of the Kirkhof Center                                                                                                  

  1. Semester length classes are not allowed in the Cook – DeWitt Center and the Kirkhof Center (except for the KC Media Studio).
  2. When classes are in session, activities planned in public areas of the Kirkhof Center shall be available and accessible to the public.
  3. All space in the Kirkhof Center will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis with conflicts being resolved through Event Services.
  4. Event Services reserves the right to:
  5. Make changes in the space assignments upon consultation with the requesting party.

Limit activities so that there is no duplication of events.

Cancel a non-university group sponsored activity which may conflict with major university sponsored events.


C. Group Activity Regulations

  1. GVSU adheres to Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which briefly state: “No activity held in university facilities may discriminate against the handicapped.
  2. GVSU adheres to Section 750-14611 of the Michigan Public Accommodations Act, which briefly states: “Any such places shall not refuse accommodations or facilities from any person on account of race, color, religion, national origin, age or handicap.”
  3. GVSU adheres to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which requires that publicity held programs must be made accessible to persons with disabilities.

NOTE: If your department or organization sponsors an event, it is your responsibility to provide reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. It would be in your best interest to offer those accommodations in advance with a publicized deadline for requests. (For example, if your organization is sponsoring an event and deaf person has requested accommodation by the published deadline, then it is the responsibility of the organization to provide an interpreter for this individual.) 

Contact Event Services at (616) 331-2350 if assistance is needed.

  1. Fundraising activities by on campus organizations must abide by regulations as stated in the Fundraising Policy. This policy and application is available at Event Services. Special Note: A food waiver approval form must be completed prior to any food product sale.
  2. Organizations and individuals wishing to conduct sales, solicit information, circulated petitions, or distribute literature must abide by the Sales, Solicitation, Petition Circulation, and Literature Distribution Policy. (Office of Student Life and Event Services- See GVSU Student Code Section 233.00)
  3. Permission for consumption of alcoholic beverages at an on campus event must be obtained through the Dean of Students. Regulations governing consumptions of alcoholic beverages are outlined in the GVSU Drug and Alcohol Policy. Copies of the Drug and Alcohol Policy and the Alcohol Beverage Service Policy are available at Event Services.
  4. Tickets for on campus events may be sold on campus only when prior approval and arrangements have been made by the GVSU Box Office located at Event Services. 
  5. The Kirkhof Center adheres to the posting policy that is set forth in the GVSU Student Code Manual, Section 227.00.
  6. Groups may not obstruct exits, hallways, or stairwells, or hinder movement of traffic in a public area, due to safety regulations and fire codes.
  7. When the university is officially closed during scheduled breaks, all facilities and services will not be available.
  8. GVSU adheres to fire regulations governing places of public assemblage. Briefly, the regulation states: “It is unlawful to use materials that will produce a quick or fast burning fire for decorative purposes.”