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Black Student Union Celebration of Black Arts

February 7th, 2013: 7pm Grand River Room

Celebration of Black Arts is an educational event. This program will educate students on campus about the performing arts in the African American culture. We would like to inform our audience on how and where the performing came about, and how the arts has evolved over time. This year the program will focus on the evolution of African dance from our ancestors to modern day hip hop dance. We are also focusing on the evolution of vocal music from negro spirituals to the modern day jazz, hip-hop, and soul music. We would like to educate our campus on how music and dance have changed from the 1800's to present day. Majority of the performers are students of Grand Valley State University. This event will start promptly at 7pm.


Black Student Union Comedy Jam

February 8th, 2013: 7pm Grand River Room

GVSU students will be able to attend a free and relaxing event with popular comedians that are up & coming and highly televised. Students can mingle and laugh at jokes that will entertain the student population. This year we plan to add a little diversity to the type of comedians. So that everyone is able to enjoy themselves. This years comedy show will also incorporate the history of comedy and how it has changed since its inception. The comedians are Damon Williams (Headliner) and Ray Lapowski. This event will start promptly at 7pm.


Intersections Presents: "Covering: The Hidden Assault on our Civil Rights," featuring Kenji Yoshino

February 13th, 2013: 6pm Grand River Room

In a culture where racial minorities are pressed to "act white," women are told to "play like men," and gays are dissuaded from engaging in public displays of affection, it is difficult to believe that we are as "diverse" as we'd like to think. Drawing on his experience as a gay Asian American, Kenji Yoshino examines the prejudices embedded in both American life and in Civil Rights legislation-- prejudices that hinder our ability to be our authentic selves. Key to his talk is the phenomenon of "covering," where people downplay stigmatized traits in order to blend into the mainstream. Moving past conventional discussions of identity politics, Yoshino explains the dangers of a society that claims to support racial, gender, orientation, religious, and physical differences but still routinely denies equal treatment of these people when they refuse to downplay their differences. With a hopeful vision of the future, Yoshino, one of our best legal minds, proves how the ubiquity of "covering" provides an opportunity to redefine civil rights and lift this legislation into a higher, more universal register.


Black Student Union "Time To Take Action"

February 18th, 2013: Grand River Room

Eric Thomas is a renown motivational speaker. He uses his past experiences to motivate college students to take advantage of their education. Eric uses success and challenges his audience on how bad does success mean to them personally. His speaking inspires students to work harder and to find ways to help their experiences in life better not only for themselves, but for the world around them. After attending this event students will be able to view their college duration in a more positive and promising view.


Latino Student Union Dinner and Dance

February 22nd, 2013: Grand River Room

To create a cultural program that would educate the student body of Grand Valley about the traditional gender roles in the Latino culture and community and how they are changing in today's society. This program would further the knowledge of fellow student body about the latter. LSU plans to have a GVSU professor talk about these gender roles in the Latino culture, and the everlasting effects it has had on men and women of our culture. As well as how the change of gender roles has been affecting Latino men and women now. Students will not only leave the event with knowledge about the conflict between gender roles in the Latino culture, but will overall become more culturally competent about the Latino culture. The theme of this event can also be related to the conflict of gender roles in this country as well, some of the students attending could also relate to what will be discussed at our event.

Intercultural Festival

March 26, 2013: Kirkhof Center


Asian Student Union R.I.C.E. Conference

March 23rd, 2013: DeVos Center

As stated in the title of the conference (Realizing and addressing Issues in our Culture and Education) this conference allows for interesting and educational insights on current issues of Asian Americans today. It not only touches on areas such as education, leadership, and identity, it also gives backgrounds and histories of different cultures. This conference is a perfect way to get exposed to different view points, opinions, and issues.


Arab Culture Club Taste of the Arab World

March 28th, 2013: Grand River Room

Taste of the Arab World is an annual event hosted by the Arab Culture Club at Grand Valley. Over the past few years, the event has continued to grow with great success. Each year, we attract more students and are happy to introduce them to the Arab culture. This experience allows us to expel some of the stereotypes students may have about Arab culture and the Middle East. The event gives students of all backgrounds an opportunity to meet new people, listen to good music, and sample delicious food. We contract a band that plays traditional and contemporary Arabic music and we provide students with an authentic Middle Eastern dinner. The organization's advisor and sometimes members, make a short presentation at the beginning of the event to introduce the evening. The Arab Culture Club will be applying to have this approved for lib 100 also.


I Am Africa: Reuniting our Global Youth to its African Roots

March 29th, 2013: Grand River Room

This event will celebrate the youth as the the hope for future. A celebration that will highlight the importance of the youth around the globe and how they will shape the future. For this reason , a kid group dance will perform and we will give information about a child charity of our choice.


Out 'N' About Pride Prom

April 13th, 2013: Grand River Room

Pride Prom is a celebration of diversity and inclusion to benefit members of the LGBTQIA community. The dance will serve as a safe space where people of all backgrounds, including those who missed out on high school traditions due to bullying and discrimination, can be themselves.


2013 Spring Pow Wow

April 20-21 2013: Performing Arts Field 



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