Student Accounts

Itemized Statements

Itemized Statements for Fall 2007 and after are available on-line. 

  • Click on My Banner
  • Enter your USER ID (G#) and PIN
  • Select Student 
  • Select Student Account
  • Select Student Account Information 
  • Select any of the view and/ or payment buttons. 
  • Select detail for the Fall 2007 semester.

Click here to request itemized statements for Summer 2007 and before.  Fill out the itemized statement request form completely and click on the "submit" button.  Once you have requested the itemized statement it will be 24-48 business hours before the statement will be ready to be sent, picked up, or faxed.  Itemized statements for Summer 2007 and before may also be requested from the billing hotline at (616) 331-2209 or 800-789-1923 Monday thru Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm. 

Page last modified November 23, 2009