E-billing FAQ

Why didn't I receive an email letting me know that my e-Bill is ready?
e-Bill email notices are sent approximately 3 weeks before a payment is due. It is the responsibility of every student to keep the University informed of changes in e-mail addresses. A by-product of mass e-mail is the filtering of these messages by automatic spam detection and filtering settings supported by e-mail clients. While we have taken all possible precautions to ensure that our e-bill notifications and payment notifications are not picked up as spam, you may need to review your e-mail software's spam or "junk" mail filter settings just in case. Regardless of whether or not your e-Bill notice is successfully received, you are still responsible for timely payment of your tuition bill. Undeliverable messages returned because of either a full in-box or use of a spam filter will still be considered delivered.

How do I set my parents up to receive billing emails?
Click on My Banner enter your USER ID (G#) and Password, select Personal Information, then select View or Update E-mail Addresses. From there you will be able to enter up to two parent email addresses (P1 and P2). Billing emails are sent to the PR, P1 and P2 email addresses.

Page last modified October 12, 2017