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Direct Deposit of Financial Aid and Tuition Refunds


If you have paid on your account with a credit card, any excess monies will be refunded back to that credit card.

There are two options to obtain your refund money:

1. Sign up for direct deposit and have the excess deposited into your bank account.

Click on My Banner enter your USERID (G#) and PIN, select Student, select Student Account, select Student Account Information, select Set up Direct Deposit of Student Refunds and Financial Aid. Input your Student ID (G#), Bank Routing Number, Bank Account Number and Bank Account Type, Press Continue. You will receive a confirmation email that will be sent to the email address you have set up on your Personal Information screen. This email will state that no money has been deposited as this is just a confirmation email. When we notify your financial institution of your refund you will receive a notification by email and receive your direct deposit within 48 hours.

2. Have the check mailed directly to your permanent address.

Click on My Banner enter your USERID (G#) and PIN, select the Personal Information tab, select View or Update Addresses and Phones, then verify that your permanent address is correct. If any changes are necessary, you can make them on-line or contact a staff member at the Student Assistance Centers located at either the Allendale or Grand Rapids campus or e-mail with the correction. If you have a direct deposit setup but would rather have a check mailed to you, follow the steps in 1 above and then check the box that says stop direct deposit.

Purchasing Books

If you have excess monies available, you will be allowed to charge your books to your student account at the University Bookstore. Students can charge their books for Summer 2016 semester starting April 25, 2016 and ending May 13, 2016.

Summer 2016 Excess Financial Aid

Distribution of Summer 2016 financial aid refunds will be processed by May 20th. Please note it may take a few days to be available to you.