Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning 2010-2015

Welcome to the Strategic Planning Web site. This site will enable you to learn more about Grand Valley State University's strategic positioning processes and commitment to accountability of these processes.

The creation of the 2010-2015 University strategic plan included input and discussion from numerous individuals and groups across the University lead by the 2010-2015 Strategic Positioning Committee.  The result is the 2010-2015 strategic planning document that is both historically grounded in the tradition of Grand Valley's core commitment to liberal education, as well as forward reaching to meet the needs of our students and other constituents in this new 21st Century.

As is the nature of strategic plans, Grand Valley's updated strategic planning document is a work-in-progress.  As Grand Valley changes, so will our planning.  Through the 2010-2015 Strategic Positioning Committee the university community has received annual reports on the institution's progress toward these goals and objectives, as well as information about future changes and updates to the document itself.  Emerging trends, changing needs, and an overall economic, social and political context that is ever-changing require strategic plans and strategic positioning processes to be flexible and responsive.

The university encourages feedback and suggestions regarding this document.  The institution intends for its strategic positioning efforts to be dynamic and broadly inclusive of all stakeholders.  As a living, changing representation of Grand Valley's intentions, the strategic plan can only achieve its ultimate purpose if it is widely read, understood and integrated into every aspect of the university's operations.  We encourage you to help Grand Valley achieve this important outcome.  

Planning Process
Goals and Objectives
Annual Progress Reports

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