Strategic Positioning 2010-2015


To the Grand Valley State University Community,

We are pleased to be able to present to you the Strategic Plan 2010-2015 for Grand Valley State University. A great deal of collaboration and insight went into this plan that will chart our path for the next five years.

We all know that we face tremendous challenges because of our state’s economic status and the ever-expanding global work stage our graduates enter. For a university to maintain stability and make strides in such an environment, it is essential to have a vision and mission connected to innovative strategies.

At Grand Valley, we continue to benefit from a firm commitment to strategic planning.  Our current planning structure began in October 2007 with the founding of the Strategic Positioning 2010 Committee, a standing committee composed of enthusiastic representatives from all across the university that authored the dynamic Strategic Plan 2008-2010. Like that plan, the Strategic Plan 2010-2015 is the result of the Strategic Positioning 2010 Committee’s engagement of the university community in the strategic planning process. The plan was endorsed by the Academic Senate in September 2009, and approved by the university’s Board of Trustees in October 2009.

Our strategic plan is built around seven values that define Grand Valley: effective teaching, liberal education, scholarship, service, inclusiveness, community, and sustainability. These values are embedded in eight strategic goals; as we achieve these goals, our values become intrinsic characteristics of the Grand Valley community.

We will continue to hold ourselves accountable for achieving these strategic goals, both as individuals and as integral parts of complex teams. In doing so, the university will continue to meet its most important mission — educating students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies.


Thomas J. Haas                                                           Gayle R. Davis
President                                                                     Provost and Vice President
                                                                                   for Academic Affairs


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