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Strategic Plan for University Libraries


GVSU Libraries purposefully collect, teach, display, discover, disseminate and preserve information, in all its forms, to support the university curriculum and fuel the intellectual life of the university. We connect scholars and learners to resources. We create spaces and programs that inspire the university community and promote inquiry as an essential life skill.


GVSU Libraries are recognized leaders in developing the innovative, effective and accessible library collections, programs, spaces, services and infrastructure needed by a progressive, diverse, student-centered, community-minded, liberal arts university with a reputation for excellence.

Value Statement


Grand Valley State University Libraries value honesty, transparency, and the free and ethical exchange of ideas. We uphold the Library Bill of Rights and general principles of academic freedom. We hold ourselves accountable to each other and the institution and adhere to best practices in copyright, fair use, and scholarly publishing. We are leaders in advocating for open access to information and we provide support for author rights and the dissemination of scholarly and creative works. Moreover, we uphold this value by assessing and evaluating library collections and programs and accurately communicating our results to the broader community. 

Grand Valley State University Libraries value inquiry and encourage the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. We view the libraries and their services as extensions of the classroom and promote intellectual growth, critical thinking, creativity, and excellence in scholarship. The Libraries are committed to developing educational programs and robust collections that prepare individuals for academic success, meaningful careers and exemplary community service. 

The Grand Valley State University Libraries value inclusiveness and openness to diverse voices and perspectives. We foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding, flexibility, and teamwork among our staff and the community we serve. We are committed to removing barriers to full access and participation for our whole community. We promote collection development that reflects diverse perspectives and believe in the free and open exchange of information in order to support a well-informed citizenry. 

The Grand Valley State University Libraries value engagement and collaboration with the community, both within the institution and beyond. The Libraries play a central role in creating and facilitating partnerships that support student learning and faculty engagement and connecting scholars and ideas. 

The Grand Valley State University Libraries value the development of sustainable practices. We are committed to responsible stewardship of our collections, budget, environment, and human resources through the active acquisition of relevant print and digital materials; engagement in best curatorial practices; effective allocation of staff effort; and minimization of our environmental impact. 

The Grand Valley State University Libraries values innovative and entrepreneurial practices that support learning, teaching, and the pursuit of scholarly and creative activities. We encourage independence and informed risk-taking and are committed to empowering outcome-oriented leaders who enable excellence. The University Libraries are models of high-quality practices and services for global higher education communities.

Strategic Priorities, outcomes, and key objectives

Strategic Priority Area 1: Actively engage learners at all levels.

Strategic Priority Area 2: Further develop exceptional personnel.

Strategic Priority Area 3: Ensure the alignment of institutional structures and functions.

Strategic Priority Area 4: Enhance the institution's image and reputation.

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