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2012 Wetlands Monitoring

2012 Wetlands Monitoring

A team of students, Dr Peter Wampler, Dr. Tara Kneeshaw monitored the GVSU Storm Water Management Complex in the summ... more


Storm Water Sustainability at 

Grand Valley State University

Girl standing near large puddle of water

Student Sarah Nagorsen observing the performance of permeable asphalt (lot C)

This web site is devoted to sharing data and information related to the impacts of storm water runoff at Grand Valley State University (GVSU).  The development of Best Management Practices for storm water and improved storm water runoff management on GVSU’s Allendale campus has been ongoing for several years.  This is in large part due to problems associated with development (ex. construction of impervious building, roads, and parking areas) of the natural environment.  Problems related to development typically include: degradation of water quality, reduced groundwater recharge, stream channel instability, increased flooding, and degraded natural habitats.  Both reversing and preventing future impacts to the natural environment related to development and campus activities is the basis for the implementation of alternative storm water management practices on the GVSU campus.

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