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SoTL Academy 2012 Conference Proposal Submission Form

Presentations (45 minutes)

Presentations have PRESENTERS.
Classroom setting with primary speaker or team of speakers who are presenting on formal quantitative and or qualitative research at any stage of effort. These presentations should focusing on research questions, literature reviewed, relevance to the scholarship of teaching and learning, IRB processes, method and findings. Presenters may be at any stage of research, but the emphasis should be on the primary purpose of the research project.

Roundtables (45 minutes)

Roundtables have FACILITATORS.
Informal, yet structured and facilitated discussions among colleagues with common interests. While the roundtables may focus on a research project, the emphasis of the discussions should be on gathering input and feedback from colleagues. Common strategies for effective roundtables include emerging ideas, discussions about various research methods, refining research questions and opportunities for collaboration to link existing research and practice to future work.

Workshops (60 minutes)

Workshops have LEADERS.
Opportunities to present best practices or emerging ideas in the scholarship of teaching and learning. Workshops provide participants opportunities to engage in intensive group discussion and engagement.

Proposals are blind-reviewed by a team of faculty from collaborating institutions, using the following criteria:

  • Proposal Quality: The written proposal is clear, complete, and well-organized.
  • Importance: The proposed session offers important results, creative or innovative practice, or an opportunity to enhance insights on a relevant or timely topic or issue.
  • Contribution to the Field: The proposed session offers the ability to contribute to improved practice and is generalizable to other institutions or disciplines.
  • Relevance to Conference Theme: The proposal represents work or addresses a topic or issue related to the conference theme.

The deadline for submitting proposals has been extended to Friday, March 2, 2012.

Required items are marked with a *.

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